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Volunteer At Blue Edge FSC of CT

Volunteers form the backbone of Blue Edge FSC of CT. From the Blue Edge Board of Directors to young skaters who help during our weekly learn to skate lessons to test session and holiday show helpers, volunteers ensure the smooth running of our club.

Why Volunteer at Blue Edge FSC of CT ?

1. Helps the Board of Directors run the club. 

2. Helps build a sense of community. Newer members can get valuable insights into club operation/ice skating resources.

3. Helps identify potential Board Members. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at

Learn to Skate Volunteers


The Blue Edge FSC of CT Learn to Skate program actively encourages young skaters to participate in a volunteer program during the club’s weekly hour-long Learn to Skate sessions.


Young skaters who have completed Basic 6 or higher level may have an interest in contributing to the program’s success by working with younger Learn to Skate beginners. Volunteers work alongside a Blue Edge Junior or Senior coach to help and support beginners as they learn and practice new skills, while having fun! Our Volunteer Program serves to give extra support to our coaches while providing “on the job training” in teaching, learning and management of beginner skaters.


Volunteer Program guidelines:


  • Volunteers must be full or associate members of Blue Edge FSC of CT.

  • There is no age requirement, although volunteers tend to be between the ages of 10 and 18.

  • We encourage volunteers commit to a complete term (fall or spring). They should let the Program Director know of the sessions they will miss prior to the start of session. 

  • Volunteers should sign in at the beginning of each session they attend and will be assigned to a group or level of skaters by the Program Director.

  • Volunteers may have formerly participated in the Blue Edge LTS program, or another LTS program.

  • Volunteers will work under the supervision or at the direction of a Blue Edge Junior or Senior coach.

  • Volunteers are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior and serve as positive role models to our younger skaters, on and off the ice and in all areas of the rink.

  • The LTS Volunteer Program offers an excellent opportunity for high school students to complete service-learning hours.


Interested skaters should contact John Cain, Blue Edge Program Director at

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