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Practice Ice

Practice Ice sessions provide skaters an opportunity to practice skating skills or have one-on-one coaching from our experienced coaches. Skaters use this session to practice moves in the field, ice dance and freestyle. 

  • Practice Ice Sessions - Sessions are offered and reserved in half-hour blocks. 

Tuesday Sessions : 5:30-6PM (includes a group class); 6-6:30PM; 6:30-7PM; 7-7:30PM​

Sunday Sessions: 10:45-11:15AM; 11:15-11:45AM; 11:45AM-12:15PM; 12:15-12:45PM (includes a group class)


  • Eligibility (As of 1/2023) - The following skaters are eligible to skate on Practice Ice:

    • Full USFS members of Blue Edge FSC of CT.

    • Associate members of Blue Edge FSC of CT.

    • Guests who are members of USFS through another club or are individual USFS members.

    • Basic Skills members of Blue Edge FSC of CT who are enrolled in our LTS program and who have passed our Basic Skills level 6.

    • Basic Skills members of Blue Edge FSC of CT who have not passed Basic Skills level 6 but who are on the ice with a coach at all times or have received prior approval of the Program Director.*

    • Guests who are LTSUSA members from other clubs or organizations with prior approval of the Board in order to determine safety and readiness.*


          *The Board reserves the right to limit the numbers of individuals in these categories on any PI session, dependent upon the total number of skaters and coaches, skating levels, and skating styles being performed on that session.

​            If you need a current USFS membership, we can help you. Please click HERE for more information.

  • Buying Practice Ice - All skaters are required to reserve and pay for ice times prior to skating using EntryEeze (for instructions, click HERE). Please make every attempt to sign up before midnight prior to the day you wish to skate. If you must cancel your reservation, email us at BEFORE the session begins and we will move you to a different session or issue you a credit. There are no refunds after the session has begun.

      Members who plan to skate frequently may purchase “Punch Cards” for 20 half-hour sessions for $250. Once        the card is purchased, they make their reservations and are allowed to make changes themselves.


     Members not desiring a punch card may reserve half hour sessions for $15 per half hour slot.


     Non-member “Guests” (who are current USFS members) may reserve half hour sessions for $17.50 per half           hour. They are not eligible to purchase Punch Cards.

  • Covid Policy - Quinnipiac University and Blue Edge FSC of CT continue to follow CDC Covid guidelines.   

  • Schedule - click HERE.

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