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If you are familiar with using our EntryEeze page, you can directly access it by clicking on the gold colored button below.





All skaters must be current USFS members or Blue Edge FSC of CT Basic Skills members and must use the EntryEeze “Contract Ice” system to make reservations and pay before taking the ice.


Currently, registrations will be taken on a first come, first served basis. Please make every attempt to sign up before midnight of the day you wish to skate. If you must cancel your reservation, email us at BEFORE the session begins and we will move you to a different session or issue you a credit or a refund.

Instructions for Registering for Practice Ice:


Current Blue Edge FSC of CT Members:

Login to EntryEeze using the Existing Members button on the left side.

  • Find “Contract Ice” in the very top menu. Pull down Contract Ice and choose “Browse and Purchase”.

  • Select the family member who wishes to reserve ice.

  • Choose Practice Ice Half Hour Blocks

  • Select the family member again

  • If you want to purchase a Punch Card, choose Packages Available and add the 20 Half Hours $250 Punch card to your cart. Go to your cart, sign any waivers and releases that are presented using your finger or your mouse, Save the signatures, then go to your Cart and pay for the Punch Card. Then, return to Contract Ice, choose Practice Ice Half Hour Blocks, select the member again, then Sessions Available. Choose the sessions you want. The number of sessions remaining will appear at the top. Also, you may view what you’ve chosen by using the Calendar in the top menu. You will receive an email receipt for your payment.

  • If you do not want a Punch Card, choose Practice Ice Half Hour Blocks. Then, under “Sessions Available”, expand “People’s CTR-QU”. Make your selection and click the red “add to cart” button.

  • After you make your first selection, you will be presented with waiver and release forms for Blue Edge FSC of CT and for Quinnipiac University. You – or the parent if the skater is under age 18 – will need to sign these using a stylus or finger, or your mouse. Save each signature, and then Save all Answers.

  • Once you have signed the waivers, you will be returned to the “Browse and Purchase” page where you may sign up for additional sessions or other family members.

  • When you are all finished, find the “Cart/Checkout” in the top upper right corner and proceed to check out and pay using a credit card.

  • Your reservation will be acknowledged by email.

  • The “Calendar” menu tab will show all of the sessions for which you have paid.


New and Former Blue Edge FSC of CT (YFSC) members:  join or renew your Blue Edge FSC of CT and USFS memberships by following the instructions HERE. Once you have renewed your membership, return to EntryEeze and follow the instructions above to purchase Contract Ice as an “Existing Member”.


Other USFS members: USFS member through other clubs, or as individual members, may skate as a “Guest” (see below).  Or, you may join our club as an Associate member. Except for voting rights, Associate members have the same participation privileges as Full members, including priority ice time, and lower session and test fees.  Directions for joining as an Associate member can be found at HERE. Once you have joined, return to EntryEeze and follow the instructions above to purchase Contract Ice as an Existing Member.


Guests: If you do not wish to become a member at this time, you may skate as a “Guest”.

  • Choose the Guest button on the left side menu and enter the email address of the skater who will be the primary account holder.

  •  EntryEeze will check to see if the skater already has an account.

      - If so, proceed to login and follow the instructions above to purchase Contract Ice. Just skip the  

        membership page.

      -If not, EntryEeze will guide you through setting up an account:

  • Watch for a Welcome email from us via EntryEeze requesting that you validate your email address and set up your password. Follow the instructions, and be sure to remember your password! If you do not receive the email right away, check your spam or junk folder.

Once your password is set up, login to EntryEeze using the top left “Existing Members and Returning Guests” button. You will be asked to provide some directory and emergency information. Then, bypass the Member page and proceed to the Contract Ice tab and follow the Current Members instructions above for to reserve your session, sign waivers, find your shopping cart, and pay.

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