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If you are familiar with using our EntryEeze page, you can directly access it by clicking on the gold colored button below.




Instructions for Registering for Learn to Skate (LTS):

I) Create an EntryEeze Account

II) Purchase a Basic Skills Membership: annual membership from July 1 through June 30

III) Register for Learn to Skate: we usually offer a Fall (Sept-Dec) and Winter term (Jan-March).

I) Create an EntryEeze Account: You will use EntryEeze to establish a family account.


New members: Link to the EntryEeze membership system by clicking the gold colored "EntryEeze" button above.  Under “New Members”, choose “Apply for Membership”. Note that each family has one family account. Provide the email address of the skater who will be the primary account holder. Watch for Welcome email from us via EntryEeze requesting that you validate your email address and set up your password. Follow the instructions, and be sure to remember your password! If you do not receive the email right away, check your spam or junk folder.

Renewing membersLink to the EntryEeze membership system by clicking the gold colored "EntryEeze" button above. Under “Existing Members”, choose “Access My Account”. If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions.


II) Purchase a Basic Skills MembershipOnce you have an EntryEeze account, purchase an annual Basic Skills membership ($37; $20 Blue Edge LTS membership + $17 LTSUSA membership) for each skater who plans to take lessons.  Before registering for a Learn to Skate term, new and former members of Blue Edge FSC of CT must have current Blue Edge LTS and Learn to Skate USA memberships.


1. Access your account under Existing Members.


2. On the “Manage My Family” tab, review or update the Personal Information for all skaters. Add any new family members who would like to join.


3. Go to the “Apply/Renew” tab at the top. Click on the blue “View Membership Options” for explanations, and then choose the appropriate membership for each family member. For more information on membership options, click 


4. For each skating member, you will be prompted to complete some “Additional Information” questions, and also to provide Emergency contact information, and to sign waivers. Follow the instructions.


5. When you have applied for or renewed all family members, go to the Shopping Cart and pay using a credit card. You will receive a receipt by email.


6. We will add or renew your membership with Learn to Skate USA. They will email you when your membership has been renewed and provide instructions on how to print out your membership card.


III) Register for Learn to Skate: Once you have purchased your membership, return to EntryEeze to purchase “Contract Ice” for the Learn to Skate term you wish to attend:


1.  Find “Contract Ice” in the top menu and select “Browse and Purchase”.

2.  Select the “Basic Skills Learn to Skate” program currently offered.

3.  Choose the family member.

4. Add the “Basic Skills Learn to Skate” program to you Cart. If you get a message that says that the session is not available to non-members, you must go back and pay for your Membership.

5. Do the same for any additional family members.

6.  Go to your Shipping Cart and pay by credit card.

7.  You will receive a receipt by email.


Skaters should plan to come to the rink at least 20 minutes before the start of the session. Check-in at the front desk and pick up your name tag. Then proceed downstairs to the locker room to put on skates, helmets, and gloves. Helmets are required for skaters in Snow Plow Sam, Basic Skills 1 and 2, and Adult 1. Our Program Director, coaches, and volunteers will help skaters onto the ice and put them into groups. Parents may watch from the stands.

Create an EntryEeze Account
Purchase a Basic Skills Membership
Register for Learn-to-Skate
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