Skate Purchase/Buyback Program

Getting the Right Equipment can be Easy!
With Our Skate Purchase-Buyback Program

We are offering a limited Skate Purchase-Buyback Program for beginning skaters.


Yale FSC members can purchase:


  • A pair of new skates, with a carrying bag and protective skate covers for $85. 

  • Used skates are priced according to their market value.

  • Skates returned in good condition at the end of the year, will be refunded $45.

  • Small helmets, used, are also available $20.

  • Used helmets returned at the end of the year we will buy back at $15.


Contact She will choose the perfect skates for you from our collection. For your convenience, you can pick them up the following weekend at the Ingalls rink.

These skates come from Ferguson's Skate Shop in Orange, CT. We sell them to you at a heavily discounted price. 


If you leave the club before the end of the year, don't worry, the refund is proportionally larger.

yale skates.jpg

Adults and older children: We have a growing collection of very high-quality boots and blades of all sizes, both black and white. Just ask us, we might have exactly what you need!

Yale FSC Skate Exchange: Yale FSC has a board on which you can post skates for sale and where you can look to find skates. During sessions, it will be attached to the Club storage cabinet, in the hall at the bottom of the stairs, near the drinking fountains and the gate through which we enter the ice.

First Time Lacing Up A Pair Of Skates?
Follow our easy 6-step guide
  1. Loosen most of the laces to insert foot.

  2. Make sure the heel is all the way back in the skate.

  3. Tighten the laces across the instep up to the ankle. (this supports the ankle)

  4. Tie a single knot, then lace the top of the boot more loosely, with the knee and ankle slightly flexed. (this allows the knee to bend properly)

  5. Make sure there are no floppy lace ends or loops. (tuck them in or cut them off)

  6. Enjoy skating with a perfectly laced pair of skates!

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Looking for more resources on local skate shops, blades sharpenings, and more? Visit our resource page.