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Message from the Club President (Aug 2022)

Greetings Blue Edge Members, Guests, Coaches and Friends,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Blue Edge skating season! We are so excited to return to our new home rink on the York Hill Campus of Quinnipiac University. Our first season last winter in the People’s United Center brought new excitement and enthusiasm to our skaters, coaches and Board of Directors who worked throughout the spring and summer be ready for our fall program.

Our Tuesday and Sunday practice ice sessions begin the week of September 6. These sessions are perfect for practicing your new skills in freestyle and dance, working with your coach, preparing for your next test session, or simply relaxing and skating for fun while enjoying the stadium sound system which accommodates Bluetooth technology. And, as a “senior skater” who has skated on many rinks, I would say the ice quality is the best!

Our Learn to Skate program begins Sunday, October 16 and will run for ten weeks. Program Director John Cain returns to bring his energy, skating skills, creativity and fun to our beginner skaters. Our coaches promote our Club mission which focuses on skill, competition, performance, fun, and joyful skating! Their special skill is responding to varied skaters’ needs. They recognize that individual skaters can and do learn differently while working together in a small or even large group.

We kicked off our 2022-23 skating season on August 27, by running our first test session at the People’s Center ice rink. The event ran perfectly, thanks to test chair Nancy Harrington, volunteers Mary Lee, Mary Blewitt, Andrew Whitehouse, Dylan Chang and the rink staff. Congratulations to all skaters for passing their tests!

We always welcome volunteers of all ages to support the Blue Edge Board’s efforts to bring you high quality programming. Please let us know if you would like to help in any way. Thanks.

If you participated in our program last season, we hope to see you again this year. If you have not experienced this fabulous skating environment, please consider joining us this fall. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy skating!

Nancy Brittingham, President

Blue Edge FSC of CT


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