Club Offerings

1. Club Memberships - Club memberships are offered on an annual basis. For the different types of memberships offered, prices and benefits, please click HERE.

2. Skating Programs (currently on hold)

    I) Learn to Skate Lessons - The Blue Edge FSC of CT Learn to Skate program is ideal for beginners who wish to learn basic skating skills. This program is based on the Learn to Skate USA program and offers separate group lessons for children and adults. It is designed for both figure skaters and hockey players. For more information, click HERE.

    II) Practice Ice - Practice Ice sessions provide skaters an opportunity to practice skating skills or get one-on-one coaching from our experienced coaches. For more information, click HERE.

3. Test session, shows and LTS competitions - We send emails and make announcements on our website about scheduled test sessions, shows and competitions. More information about these activities is coming soon. 


1. Basic Skills Membership ($36) - required for skaters in the Learn to Skate lessons. Currently, we are not offering this membership.

2. Full Membership - All practice ice skaters and board members are required to be members of U. S. Figure Skating (USFS). Skaters also need USFS membership to participate in test sessions and competitions. Full membership to our club includes annual USFS membership. We offer the following categories of Full Blue Edge Membership:

a) Full - Introductory ($80) - For skaters joining USFS for the first time. Typically, it is for skaters moving up from Basic Skills membership.

b) Full - 1st Family Member ($110) - For the first family member who wishes to join our Club and USFS as a Full member. 

c) Full - Subsequent Family Member ($74) - For family members who are in addition to the first family member.

d) Full - Collegiate 1st year ($120) - For college student who want to avail the Four-year USFS Collegiate membership. 

e) Full - Collegiate 2nd-4th Year ($50) - For those college students who have previously paid for the USFS 4- year Collegiate membership. 

3. Associate Membership ($50) - For "non-Home-Club" skaters who wish to participate in Blue Edge FSC activities like test sessions, competitions and shows, but are members of USFS through another club or are individual USFS members. They cannot vote or be on the Board of Directors.

Membership Price and Benefits

We use an online management software EntryEeze for memberships, registrations and payments. For instructions and link to our  EntryEeze page, please click HERE.

If you have any questions, please email :